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Detailed Due Diligence of an Investment Fund
Thematic Investment Opportunities

Due Diligence of an Investment Fund

Due Diligence of an Investment Fund

Due Diligence on behalf of a large Japanese PE firm for their investment in an investee fund

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Case Study: Detailed Due Diligence of an Investment Fund


A large PE firm in Japan


  • Evaluate the proposed investment on different factors, including
    • The Investee Fund’s ESG compatibility
    • Investment returns, past performance, compliance, etc.
    • Investee Fund’s theme and sector investment, including the priority sector
    • Management and experience
  • Draw a very detailed analysis through DD with a to-the-point recommendation based on the test of pre-defined criteria


  • Key boxes to be ticked
    • Integrity and background checks
    • Business strategy and market position of portfolio companies
    • Sponsors
    • Fund management abilities and experience
    • Financial management strategy
    • Overall impact strategy
    • Governance
    • Current and past financial performance
    • Risk Analysis
    • Opportunities for growth of portfolio companies
  • Dissect the findings to majority of the investee funds’ portfolio companies
    • Identifying existing and emerging players
    • Market share
    • Product offerings
    • Pricing strategies, etc.
  • Conduct interviews with Fund managers
  • Collect Impact Data
  • Check for ESG
  • Prepare a detailed DD report for the PE firm for its decision on potential investment


  • Facilitated decision to invest $500 mn for the first tranche
  • Laid out a clear understanding of the possible risk, returns, ROI, etc. based on a set of criteria
  • Checked out ESG, Impact and other social criteria


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