Financial Due Diligence

Our FDD team includes professionals who have held senior roles with the top four audit and accounting companies, including Deloitte, PWC, and KPMG. The group has worked on more than 100 due diligence assignments for customers all across the world.

A good FDD reduces risk and confirms opportunity. There are no surprises because it covers everything. Our FDD is adaptable to the size and complexity of any transaction.

We offer a comprehensive set of services aimed at the following:

  • Analysis of the quality of earnings
  • Confirming the existence of assets and recoverable
  • Listing all liabilities and obligations
  • Assessment of contingent liabilities and its impact
  • Validation of revenue stream and its recurrence
  • Linking of expenses to revenue stream

Our FDD Process Objectives:


To raise the chances of a successful deal, we improve information about the target company.


Rather than delivering a typical scope of work, we focus on your specific needs.


We produce reports that offer expert advice on the target company’s existing hazards and future potential.

Key Assignments:
  • Due diligence for a power transmission company in KSA
  • Financial Due Diligence (FDD) for travel agents in KSA
  • FDD for a construction company under consideration for acquisition of a large real estate company in KSA
  • FDD of a Polish technology company
  • FDD of a mid-size restaurant chain in KSA
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