Business Valuation

We’ve completed over 300 company valuations for various deals. We have the competence to meet all of our client’s needs, whether they are a target company in an M&A transaction, firm selling shares or debt, or a corporation investing in a share swap arrangement.

In connection with the valuation of the client’s/target organization we provide formal valuations and certifications to our clients. Our staff thoroughly investigates the facts and situations and the valuation processes and approaches.

The range of valuation services we provide broadly cover the following:

  • Corporate and business valuations
    • Acquisitions/divestitures
    • Valuation in case of restructuring
    • Valuation of business segments/ divisions for spin-off
    • Determination of swap ratio for M&A
  • Valuation of intangibles
  • Portfolio valuation for private equity/ venture capital funds
  • Financial models and valuation
  • ESOP valuation
Key Assignments
  • A significant technology corporation in the United States was valued.
  • We did a private company valuation and other investments for a $2 billion hedge fund in the United States Pre-IPO valuation of a large company with diverse companies such as construction, maintenance and operations, catering, and information technology.
  • Valuation of a sizeable corporation amid a reorganization with its lenders
  • Valued a grooming company in the United Arab Emirates.
  • A large hospital corporation in Saudi Arabia was valued.
  • We Valued a bakery enterprise in Saudi Arabia.
  • A huge e-commerce company recently acquired a top logistics company in India and assessed its value.
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