Brokerage Firms

FA Fin Advisors provides research services including equity research, economic research, sector research and other research support services to some of the known brokerage firms globally. We ramp-up research for the brokerage firms so that they can focus on revenue generating activities. (more…)

Asset Managers

FA Fin Advisors’ serves asset managers with insightful credit and investment research support to help them evaluate new opportunities for investment and thereby expand their investment horizon. Financial modelling, sector research, investment screening & evaluation, valuation, etc.(more…)

Investment Banks

FA Fin Advisors assists investment banks in North America and Middle East in improving their productivity, helps them in cutting their costs and allows focus on core activities. We have a strong team of analysts and management personnel who have worked with some of the top investment banks globally and know exactly the expectation and the level of work required. (more…)

Private Equity and VC Firms

FA Fin Advisors serves private equity firms and VC firms in financial and investment research and analytics services. We have a dedicated team that serves only PE/VC firms in deal origination, deal evaluation, valuation, sector updates etc. (more…)

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