Research Analyst

FA Fin Advisors is always looking for talented people to become its team members. We realize that productive people are always a good addition to our organization. So if you have the financial acumen and the passion for working with some of the biggest companies in the world, join us!

Department: Research Solution
Project Location(s): Delhi, India


  • Preparation and analysis of financial models (forecasting financial statements; valuation models; market sizing etc)
  • Preparing valuation models using DCF, comparable company valuation, EVA analysis, etc.
  • Assist clients and/or other research delivery team members in articulating and refining research requests and projects.
  • Craft effective search strategies and gather relevant information and data leveraging a broad set of resources Utilize both secondary and primary research sources and techniques.
  • Organize, analyze, synthesize and/or summarize data and information using appropriate analytical methodologies and frameworks.
  • Conduct quantitative analysis (e.g., statistical analysis and financial data analysis) as necessary.
  • Communicate research results through the creation of structured end-products (memos, spreadsheets, reports, presentations, etc.)
  • Complete ad hoc research, knowledge building and business development projects as necessary.

General Qualification

  • To perform this role successfully, an individual must be inquisitive and have superior problem-solving, analytical and quantitative skills. 
  • An established track record of creatively retrieving and analyzing complex business information as well as an ability to synthesize information from diverse sources and present findings in a clear and concise fashion are a must.
  • Excellent communication (both written and verbal) and interpersonal skills are required. 
  • Experience in managing multiple simultaneous projects with demanding deadlines in a team setting is strongly preferred.


  • Education:                                Master of Business Administration (full time)
  • Minimum Experience:              2 years for RA
  • Remuneration:                        Competitive
  • Location:                                 Delhi-NCR
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“I have been working with Manish for over 9 years, and in this time he has proven to be not only an effective team leader, but also one to grasp out of of the box concepts that many (if not most) would simply look at you and say “Duh1″. He is professional, fast producing, and most importantly – he produces good work. It is literally a pleasure for me to write this recommendation for him.”

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