Benchmarking Analysis

Benchmarking gives businesses critical information about how they compare to their competitors in key performance metrics like operational and process excellence, product innovation, and workforce planning.

We focus on three types of benchmarking studies –

  • Process benchmarking – Benchmarking for specific work processes and operating systems is the focus.
  • Performance Benchmarking- evaluating a company’s competitive position by focusing on performance characteristics.
  • Strategy benchmarking – entails identifying successful strategies employed by successful businesses.

By designing an action plan, providing recommendations, laying out an implementation plan, and assigning specific responsibilities, our benchmarking studies enable us to identify concrete steps for improvement.

Key Assignments:
  • Benchmarking strategies and processes for a mid-sized online education company looking to expand beyond its home country have been completed.
  • An LCC carrier in the Middle East conducted a detailed benchmarking study to compare its operations and financial performance to other similar pages in the region.
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