Investment Banks

FA Fin Advisors assists investment banks in North America and the Middle East & Africa  in improving their productivity, helps them in cutting their costs, and allows focus on core activities. We have a strong team of analysts and management personnel who have worked with some of the top investment banks globally and know exactly the expectation and the level of work required.

Our team of analysts have experience of working with leading investment banks on various outsourced engagement, while the senior leadership team have been an integral part of successful execution of deals while working in these banks. We therefore are confident of providing as better quality service as can be provided an in-house team.

We have served:

  • Investment banking clients across geographies
  • Investment bankers in 70+ transactions with pitch books, comps analysis and other research
  • Covered over 250+ companies covered in 25+ industries

Our Services include:

  • Deal Origination Support: pitch book preparation; opportunity mapping across companies and sectors, pitch books, etc.
  • Deal execution support: Financial model and valuation using different methods, including comparable company and precedent transaction analysis, DCF modeling and benchmarking); information synthesis; documentation and presentation support
  • Execution support: pitch books; Pre-IPO analysis on companies (IPO readiness); drafting support
  • Market intelligence: sector research; newsletters and periodic summaries; IPOs / new issues analysis
  • Other services including library services
  • Execution support: analysis about comparables, debt-structure, ratios, credit quality, rating and covenants; marketing support (e.g. presentations and information memorandums); financial modeling
  • Market intelligence: sector research; newsletters and periodic summaries
Key Assignments
  • Preparation of information memorandum and other deal related docs for a leading investment bank in Saudi Arabia
  • Regular valuation of companies for various investment banks
  • Identifying and shortlisting of potential acquisition targets in the bakery segment, for a large diversified client in Saudi Arabia
  • Intensive work on financial restructuring of a large group in Saudi Arabia, involving interface with its banker, preparation of debt repayment models, preparation of restructuring documents, etc.
  • IPO readiness assessment for a large conglomerate in the Middle East
  • Another IPO readiness and business valuation for a large education company
  • Many others
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