Business Restructuring

Our Business Restructuring services help clients turn their financial challenges into opportunities. Our team works with clients to find out financial & strategic alternatives while also looking at operational restructuring. Corporate reorganizations, changes to business model, margin expansion, operating efficiency, management restructuring are some of the aspects that we actively advise our clients on. The aim is to make our client feel stronger compared to its peer set, and be able to compete more effectively.

Our capabilities in this area are:

Operational efficiencies

  • How to improve operational efficiencies?


  • Whether leveraging is appropriate? What scale is the most optimum?
  • How to take care of excess leverage situation?
  • What are challenges to desired leverage position?

Business model changes

  • Is the business model strong enough to support desired growth?
  • What are the challenges in the current model?
  • What changes are required?
  • What is the perfect business model for the company (eg. changes to raw material sourcing, changes in the sales strategy?)

Strategic planning and business direction

  • Is there a regular strategic review of business?
  • How good are long term business plan?
  • How does execution of turnaround strategy work for the business?

Operational Improvements

  • Efficiency improvement
  • Process streamlining
  • Cost reduction initiatives
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Supply chain optimization
  • IT modernization
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